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Eliseev Palace Hotel
St.-Petersburg, Russia

The Eliseev Palace Hotel is the only lodging in St. Petersburg providing accommodations in a czarist-era palace. Restored and modified by some of Russia's finest artistic talent, the hotel opened in May 2003 in time to celebrate the city's 300th anniversary. Since then, the Eliseev has quickly become the place of preference for the city’s most prominent and wealthy guests. Its status as a club hotel ensures your privacy

Room interiors combine the latest advances of modern technology with the grandeur and charm of past centuries, and the dining is rated as the city’s finest. Warm and courteous personnel welcome you, and wait on your every wish. The Eliseev is your palace in St. Petersburg.




Located in the business and historical heart of St. Petersburg, the grandeur of the Eliseev Palace defines the prominent intersection of the Moika River and Nevsky Prospect, the city’s main thoroughfare. The hotel is a five-minute walk from Palace Square, the State Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac’s Square and St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Kazan Cathedral, and the Yusupov Palace.


Also nearby are some of the city’s finest shopping, including boutiques of upscale clothing, jewelry, and liquors. In summer, water taxis and speedboats wait at the quay in front of the hotel and offer a memorable tour of the city by water.



The Eliseev Palace Hotel offers 29 rooms in six standards of splendor. The most opulent is the Presidential Suite - of which there are only two apartments - followed by the Executive, Luxury Studio, Junior and Superior suites. Finally, there is the Superior room. Each suite and room has been individually designed and decorated with the finest Italian furnishings, and hand-painted reproductions of masterpieces from major art museums, such as the State Hermitage Museum, adorn the walls.
Inside each suite and room you will find everything to meet your exclusive needs. The full array of five-star hotel services is provided, such as 24-hour personal butler service and housekeeping, in-room safe, satellite and cable TV, air-conditioning, and Internet connections.

Eliseev Suite

This suite is the former master bedroom of one of the pre-revolutionary owners, Stepan Eliseev, and contains original historical furnishings, breathlessly restored wall paintings, parquet floors, and a marble and onyx bathroom with gold-plated features.

This two-room apartment is furnished with a King-size bed, sofa, and Jacuzzi, and totals over 100 square meters (or about 1,100 square feet).

The meeting room provides the privacy to discuss your affairs with colleagues and partners, and sits four at a round wooden table.



Taleon Suite

This two-room suite measures 120 square meters (about 1,300 square feet), and comes with a King-size bed, Jacuzzi, leather sofa, and a walk-in wardrobe.

The meeting room sits six at a round wooden table, and the marble bathroom is decked out with gold-plated features. Plush carpets grace the floor, while the exquisite Italian furniture leave no doubt that this is a room fit for royalty.

Look out the window and let your thoughts be captivated by the stunning view on the Moika River and the Stroganov Palace, the former residence of one of the richest Russian families, and now part of the Russian Museum.

Taleon Restaurant

The Taleon Restaurant offers fine dining in two rooms - one in the style of Louis XVI, and the other in the French Empire style. The first might add a sense of melody to a personal rendezvous, while the second will impress business partners with its solemnity. Classical piano music can be heard daily, except Sundays.


Voted the best luxury restaurant in Saint Petersburg in 1999, 2000 and in 2001, master chef Alexander Dregolsky will enthrall you with his superb renditions of European and Russian cuisine. There is a wide choice of Bordeaux wines - Chateau Lafit Rothschild, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux and Chateau Petrus.


Brunch is served every Sunday from 12:00 till 16:00, and comes with black and red caviar, lobster, champagne and lots of other delicious dishes.



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