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Words can hardly express the beauty and life giving tranquility of the Hindsgavl experience.

Time stands still as you soak up the atmosphere of this wonderful place.


The location of Hindsgavl adds a special dimension to the simple charm of the architecture and the beautiful interior.To quote the old Danish folk song."Where the blue waves of the Small Straits break against the forestclad coast of Funen beneath the sheltering shores of Jutland".


Even as you walk down the avenue towards Hindsgavl, you will begin to feel as though you are entering another world. Take this opportunity to leave your daily routines behind you - just for a while.
We want you to feel welcome at Hindsgavl. Adapting our service and facilities to your individual needs is a priority of ours.

Be an early bird; explore the house with its many art works and rare antiques. Go for a picnic in the grounds of Hindsgavl. We will be happy to prepare a lunch basket specially for you. Lose yourself in a good book while relaxing in the library. Sit on a white bench in the grounds and watch the sun go down over the Fænø waters.


At the end of a perfect day - whether you've been working or at leisure, spend the evening in a comfortable chair in the conservatory. Enjoy some great Danish country cooking or a quiet drink with friends.

Wholesome and appetizing culinary tradition.





The tranquil countryside of Funen creates
a fairytale frame around the beautiful house of Hindsgavl.

The atmosphere is striking - right from the beginning.

Each room has an atmosphere of its own.

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